The SOLO concept

SOLO - healthy teeth the easy way

The dental practice of the future offers life-long dental health instead of repairs. At the moment, dentists are only diagnosing and treating the repeatedly re-occurring symptoms of caries and periodontitis. SOLO offers the opportunity to instead make the cause of these diseases visible and effectively remove it.

Caries and periodontitis start in childhood

The damages which have been diagnosed up to now are the result of a disease process which has been going on for many years. At the age of about three years, the first narrow interdental spaces which can no longer be reached by a toothbrush appear between the milk teeth. The biofilm which develops immediately causes gingivitis with an incubation period of only eight days. This gingivitis develops into life-long chronic gingivitis without being diagnosed. This chronic gingivitis is the cause of caries occurring repeatedly later and of progressing periodontitis. Without treating the chronic gingivitis, no dental therapy can have lasting success: new damage will recur, in spite of high-quality repairs.


SOLO fights the root cause

The BOB probe we developed and patented makes it possible to easily and safely diagnose chronic gingivitis. The therapeutic concept of "SOLO prophylaxis", which unfolds based on this diagnosis, measurably removes chronic gingivitis over the long term, while simultaneously preventing caries and periodontitis from recurring. At the same time, SOLO is more than a functioning medical treatment concept. It is a didactic health concept, which shows patients in a graphic and easily understandable manner that dental health is possible, as well as how to achieve it.

What makes SOLO a concept of the future?

  1. Every person has chronic gingivitis and needs SOLO prophylaxis.
  2. Conventional dental treatments can all only be applied by the dentist; however, SOLO prophylaxis can be delegated to trained assistants.
  3. The increase in dental IQ encouraged by this concept leads to patients specifically requesting high-quality dental treatments.

Advantages of the SOLO concept


Your patients will be more satisfied

Patients' satisfaction increaseswhen they understand what happens in their mouth, i.e. how caries and periodontitis develop. The SOLO concept helps with this.


The practice becomes more profitable

From now on, you will have much more prophylaxis revenue. This is delegated revenue which increases your profit without you having to work yourself – a very relaxed situation.


You gain new patients

And not just any patients, but patients interested in dental health. Patients talk about dental health without having to be prompted.


Working is more pleasant without blood

SOLO patients' gums don't bleed. Thus preparations, fillings, CERECs or impressions get much better.


Your reputation improves

'My dentist is not just interested in revenue, he is interested in my dental health, too.' This is a sentence we hear from SOLO patients quite often.


Team motivation

If you so desire, the SOLO concept can guide you down the path towards dental health –motivating not only patients, but, notably, the whole practice team.


Explanation help in the practice

We support you in educating your patients, whether that be interactively or traditionally, with our patient presentations, book for patients, and reference book for professionals.


Based on scientific research

The effectiveness of the SOLO concept has been scientifically proved by the university of Dresden, Germany.


Patented diagnostic tool

The BOB probe is patented and shows your patients that action is urgently required.


Suitable products

We supply all the products you require – from diagnostics to patient education and therapy.



The SOLO concept, which creates lasting dental health, is unique.


Satisfied SOLO patients for 20 years

The very first SOLO patients have now been applying the concept for almost 20 years and they are still enthusiastic about it and – most importantly – have demonstrable dental health.

Become a SOLO practice

This is how you become a certified SOLO practice – step by step:


Come to one of our regular lectures. If you are convinced by our concept, we will be excited to guide you through the next steps.


The next step is training your team. This training takes place in your practice or in our training center in Trier, Germany, and is a prerequisite for certification.


After the training, our products allow your team to gain their first experiences in approaching patients and conducting SOLO prophylaxis.


Certification takes place after about 3 months. It is a test of professional aptitude for conducting SOLO prophylaxis and offers many advantages. After certification, there will be regular audits.


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